Weight Loss

 Here at Haksha Healthcare S.C., we offer professional clinical weight management programs administered by our weight loss physician, Dr. Kshama Keshava Bhat.

What Does a Weight Loss Physician/Obesity Medicine specialist do?

A weight loss physician helps with weight loss treatment plans for individuals who have elevated body mass index, and other weight related concerns. These programs may include professional exercise and nutrition counseling, weight loss medicines, and management of associated pathologies.

How do we do things differently at Haksha?

At Haksha, we work with our patients and community to help achieve their weight goals. We have our complete and sole focus on clinical weight management, to provide the best care. Only Evidence Based Medicine will be offered. We will have weekend hours to help our patients. We aim to offer one-stop shopping for patients by offering Exercise and Nutritional counseling at the clinic. By partnering with several local community programs, and experts-we will offer free workshops regularly to offer information and lots of resources, like dance workshops, healthy recipes workshop, various types of work outs and more!

Most importantly-we will try our best to make this whole process fun!!!!

Effective and Long-Lasting Weight Loss Starts with an Accurate Evaluation

At Haksha, we will evaluate your specific case to ensure that your weight management program will be tailor-fitted to your exact requirements. Medical problems related to unwanted weight gain will be thoroughly assessed and medications that cause weight gain will be identified. Additionally, as you progress into your customized program, common issues that interfere with successful weight management including stress, depression, sleep disorders,  anxiety, and metabolic disorders will be addressed.

If you need more information on our weight management programs, book your appointment with Dr. Kshama Keshava Bhat here at Haksha Healthcare S.C., Brookfield, WI, by dialing (262) 439-9544.

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