"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"-staying healthy during the pandemic using virtual tools.

COVID-19 has indeed changed our perspectives on so many things! But it may also have presented with some great opportunities to understand how we, as humans adapt and learn new concepts. Here are some ways, supported by various experts*, to continue your journey towards healthier you-

- Regular Self Weighing. But be cautious about stress induced by daily self weighing. You can also share the data with your Obesity Physician/Health Care Provider with certain "electronic scales" and tools, and get optimal feedback from them.

- Utilize Telemedicine options to get virtual counseling, and virtual visits with your Health Care Provider. Many insurances cover these types of visits!

- Schedule your exercise sessions, and make it even more structured by talking to your Physician/Health Care Provider. Feel free to check if your technique is correct by utilizing video visits.

- This is a great time to look into web based activity tracking apps and monitor your progress.

- Look into virtual "races", and virtual activity challenges. These are here to stay!

- This is indeed a great time to look for healthy behavior support groups, and make some new friends. Ask your Physician if they are running/leading any such groups to help the community. You will be surprised at how many of us are doing it!

Virtual visits....virtual meetings....virtual workouts....they are here to stay! Why not consider them to be time-saving, financially smart options to get healthier?

*Journal of Obesity Sep 2020

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