It's summer time!!! Time to get our vitamin D levels looking good!!!

There has been so much of hype around Vitamin D in the last few years. Vitamin D as a micro-nutrient, does have an important impact on our overall well being and weight management.

Lack of Vitamin D is known to cause weakness, impaired wound healing, muscle aches and cramps, mood changes, anxiety and depression symptoms. Studies have shown that elevated Body Mass Index may worsen Vitamin D deficiency. Significant deficiency may also cause Osteomalacia ( soft bones ) and Rickets. Current guidelines recommend 400-800 IU daily. 

Common sources are salmon, cod liver oil, tuna, eggs, mushrooms and fortified foods. Vitamin D is often referred to as "the sunshine vitamin" because the sun is one of the best sources of this micro-nutrient!  What better time than summer to get more of this amazing vitamin!!!!

Excess Vitamin D, although rare,  results in increased calcium and associated complications.

Before and after Bariatric Surgery

It is indeed very important to get Vitamin D levels checked before and after Bariatric Surgery. Typically present in about 30-40% of Bariatric surgical patients. Higher doses of 50,000 IU are recommended weekly for about 2 months, if still not within normal limits, 3000 IU per day will be needed to bring the numbers up. Once stable, 1000 IU per day typically suffices, but close monitoring is recommended before and after surgery.

So this summer, let's be active outside and get our Vitamin D fix!!

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