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Obesity and COVID 19

COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many perspectives over the last few months. One important thing studies have shown is that people with elevated Body Mass Index who were infected by COVID-19 had a more severe course!

A recent journal suggested that the increased prevalence of Obesity in older adults in Italy compared to other places may account for the differences in mortality between the countries. Several reports from around the world identified Obesity and severe Obesity as risk factors for hospitalization and mechanical ventilation.

A couple factors seem to cause this-

-The disproportionate impact of COVID-19 in patients with Obesity and Severe Obesity could be caused by the additional weight compromising breathing and lung function.

-Also, increased production of inflammatory chemicals associated with Obesity may contribute to the increased risk of complications in these patients.

-Patients with elevated Body Mass Index seem to make higher amounts of chemicals causing blood clots.

With this new data, it is all the more important to focus on getting healthier and happier! Why not start this now and make 2020 an amazing year!

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